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The Future of the Music Industry

Think the music industry is dead? Think again! With more music festivals popping up in 2015 than in any previous year before, the music industry appears to be alive and well. With the advents of modern recording technology and their increasing affordability, it has never been easier to break into the music industry.

There are many different jobs available to those looking to break into the music industry. One of the biggest sources of revenue in the current music industry is touring. While the possibility of illegal file sharing and MP3 downloads has greatly reduced the number of physical record sales, a number of live concerts and music festivals is at an all time high. These concerts provide a wide variety of jobs for all those involved.

The first and most obvious job is that of the artist. Whether a singer/songwriter or a full on band, the demand for live music has never been higher.

After the artists, the second most important positions in the live music industry are those of the booking agencies. Because artists tend to want to focus on actually writing and performing music, they often hire someone with many insider connections and knowledge of tour routes to handle the booking of their shows. These agents typically take a small percentage of whatever revenue the artist brings in as an exchange for handling all of the logistics and negotiations that take place when booking a show.

Another potential option for breaking into the music industry would be to hold a festival. Festivals are typically 1-3 days and take place over a weekend. Some of the biggest festivals in the United States include Bonnaroo, Austin City Limits, and Coachella. These festivals sometimes have attendances of over 100,000 people and can draw in enormous profits. Do not be surprised to see these festivals grow even more in the coming years as their potential skyrockets and more patrons of these festivals become interested in the music scene.

As festivals continue to grow, the need for other entertainment options than just music will continue to grow. Many companies have exploded in the past few years that do nothing but travel to various festivals throughout the summer and build art installations. These installations can range from small live painting outfits to enormous geodomes that can house hundreds of people.

The festival art installation is still a relatively untapped market that holds many potential openings for anyone looking to get involved. Festivals will pay enormous sums of money in order for their festival to stand out from the crowd and be remembered. If you’ve got the skills or know of anyone that is handy with building and art, this could be one of the greatest ways to break into the burgeoning music industry.

Many people have stated that the music industry is not growing, and that artist revenues have fallen tremendously over the past 20 years. This statement holds true for artists that are making millions upon millions of dollars. Their revenue has certainly decreased. However, the new music industry has given rise to what many are calling the “Middle-Class Musician.” This is someone that is making a full time living through music, but not necessarily making the kind of revenue that was once associated with rock star size acts. These people tend to make a living doing what they love without having to deal with the enormous pressures of fame.

The music industry will continue to hold many opportunities for years to come.

–  Guest Contributor